Salk's Gifted & Talented Program:  SPARK

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SPARK teacher:  Mrs. Susan Comfort     comfosu@tulsaschools.org  

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions.


SPARK class times for 2017-2018  (these are subject to change)

1st grade:  Monday, 8:40-9:40

2nd grade:  Friday, 8:00-9:20

3rd grade:  Thursday, 12:45-2:10

4th grade:  Tuesday, 1:10-2:10 & Wednesday, 10:15-11:40

5th grade:  Thursday, 8:45-10:45

6th grade:  Tuesday, 9:30-10:15 & Wednesday, 1:00-2:10

SPARK students will not receive assigned homework.  The only work taken home is if a student chooses to do additional research/learning at home or doesn't use class time wisely.  

Stay tuned for parent and student resources!

Click here to learn more about Tulsa Public School's Gifted and Talented program district wide.

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